This March, we participated in the Amazing Gives, a local fundraising event to obtain donations for our future projects. Donations through the Amazing Gives were accepted from March 11th to March 25th.  We raised over $2,500.

For only $25, individuals could help repaint someone’s house. With a $200 donation, they had the opportunity to give a family handicap ramp entry to their home.

One of Pepine Gives’s goals is to renovate deserving families’ houses. The donations helped to achieve that. Pepine Realty matched all donations up to $20,000 contributed.

With the money raised, Pepine Gives will move forward in the process to renovate the home of a deserving family. Soon, we will begin collecting applications from families who would like home makeovers. The winner will be decided on by a public vote, and then we’ll get to work.

The money raised during the Amazing Give will provide the family with the essentials.